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Sue Nero was one the early big boob niche star of the video era of adult entertainment. There were other big boob niche performers, such as Candy Samples, before her but they were thrust into porn in the loop era. Sue Nero, as well as Kay Parker and Christy Canyon, came along at a time when video bookstores were exploding across America and porn consumers wanted to see babes with big melons fuck and suck on their own TV screens. There was a shortage of babes with big boobs in sex films at the time. The curly haired, pale white Sue gave fans what they wanted by turning her insatiable fuck skills into a ten year career in adult films. Sue was born on July 6, 1959 and raised in Boston. Before she moved to San Francisco she worked as an stripper in 1978. Sue Nero quickly became a well-known sex star in her first year working in a film that was reportedly the suggestion of her then-boyfriend. During this time, she mainly worked in lesbian-themed pornography. After dumping her loser boyfriend, Sue went on to do more than 120 titles including anal, girl-girl, group and interracial. She left the adult film industry in 1988 to focus exclusively on her career in exotic feature dancing.

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Video box covers of movies featuring Sue Nero:

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Sue Nero at Retro Porn FlixSue Nero at Retro Porn Flix